Welcome to my latest instalment, the “Five Minutes with…” interview series with other travel bloggers!  Are you a travel blogger who would like to be featured? Get in touch!

Travel blogging is a niche cyber community. We are forever snooping into each other’s lives, for tips and tricks, ideas and inspiration and whatever tidbits we can pick up from each other. There are a lot of great blogs out there, and so in addition to the creatives and entrepreneurs I meet around the world and interview on my Influencers series, I thought it’d be fun to snoop inside the lives of travellers. Kicking off the series is Jonny Blair from Don’t Stop Living. What I admire most about Jonny is that he sheds some light on some less-travelled destinations such as Iraq and off-the beaten path locations in China. A true adventurer indeed!


1. The first thing I do when I wake up in a new destination is: look out the window

2. If I could only travel with three things, I’d take: passion, confidence, and enthusiasm.

3. My favourite jam to listen to on the road is: too hard to pick a single tune. Oasis – Stand By Me, Ocean Colour Scene – Traveller’s Tune and The Doves – The Fear.

4. If I could learn to speak a language overnight, it’d be: Cantonese


5. If I had one week to travel: I’d go to the South Pole

6. If I only had $10 in my pocket: I’d split it into two $5s! A pint of Guinness with my mates in Bournemouth, England and a meal with my girlfriend in Hong Kong.

7. If I had to choose a country to live permanently, I’d live in: perhaps Mexico or Spain but I never want to be tied to one country.

8. The worst part of travelling is: broken computers and anything technology related.


9. The first thing I do when I come home from a trip is: drink some tea and sort my photos and blogs.

10. If my life was a movie, I’d be: a backpacking Northern Irishman. I’d have to play myself. Failing that, James Bond. I love the James Bond films.


11. The one travel experience I’m dying to try but keep putting off is: meeting Roger Milla in Cameroon. The oldest ever goalscorer at a World Cup and a childhood hero of mine.

12. My favourite travel blogs are: eTramping, Nomadic Matt, One Step 4Ward and Wandering Earl.

Jonny Blair is a passionate backpacking Northern Irishman. His travel style knows no limits or boundaries and Jonny has travelled extensively for seven of the last 12 years since leaving his hometown. Jonny’s journeys have taken him to places such as Antarctica, Uzupis, El Salvador, Iraq, Transnistria, Ethiopia and some seriously obscure parts of China and Taiwan. Jonny has worked along the way in a variety of jobs, mostly in bars and shops but also office work and farm work. Jonny has visited over 100 countries across every continent and has released a few e-Books as well as writing his travel stories on Don’t Stop Living. You can keep touch with Jonny’s journeys on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. Its very good idea to publish interviews of travelers. Came to know interesting things from Jonny…especially i liked the remark “never want to be tied to one country”….

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