Five Minutes with Don’t Stop Living

Welcome to my latest instalment, the “Five Minutes with…” interview series with other travel bloggers!  Are you a travel blogger who would like to be featured? Get in touch! Travel blogging is a niche cyber community. We are forever snooping into each other’s lives, for tips and tricks, ideas and inspiration and whatever tidbits we can pick up from each other. There are a lot of great blogs out there, and so in addition to the creatives and entrepreneurs I meet around the world and interview on my Influencers series, … CONTINUE READING

July 16, 2015
Dinner Party

Hostess with the Mostest: Gifts to Bring to Your Next Dinner Party

Oh, how I love a good dinner party. I’ve never been much of a club-goer, and I often find I am easily bored in a bar – though I can think of a few exceptions, of course. But hands down one of my favourite ways to spend quality time with loved ones is through good food and wine, preferably in someone’s home. A good host will always tell you not to bring anything of course, but a good guest will know not to listen. If I had a permanent address … CONTINUE READING

July 15, 2015

High and Low: Experiencing the Outer Great Barrier Reef from Two Perspectives

Chances are you have heard of the Great Barrier Reef – one of the seven natural wonders of the world. If you have ever seen a single photo of this dazzling kaleidoscope of vivid coral you would never question why this reef has made this exclusive list. I’ve told you before that I grew up on its very doorstep (don’t mean to brag, but… okay I am totally bragging). But if you have been following my story from this blog’s infancy, you will already be privy to my deep dark … CONTINUE READING

July 13, 2015
Normal Life

Would You Even Want a Normal Life?

Recently, I was catching up with an old girlfriend, lamenting life and bringing each other up to date on missed moments. There was a lot of wine involved (as there usually is when good decisions are being made or epiphanies are being had). My friend Janice and I had a very similar start in life. Japanese mother, German father, raised in Tokyo during early childhood and enrolled in German kindergarten (where we met). As the story goes, according to my mother, we were the best of friends – inseparable; bound … CONTINUE READING

July 10, 2015

Photographer Janice Reinold

Influencers is an interview series which explores and shares stories of those who have inspired my journey. They may be artists, creatives, entrepreneurs or any number of professions; or it many not be about their profession at all. But the one common thread is they all live their life with passion, integrity and a healthy disregard for boundaries or limitations. Where do I even start with this girl. At the ripe age of five we were instant best friends – and even though life sent us to different parts of the world at age … CONTINUE READING

July 9, 2015